Saturday, August 19, 2017

Long weekend (Thurs, Friday, Saturday)/Kayson icky

Well, I've been off work since Thursday... and I don't go back til Wednesday!!  Seems like forever, but I tell you what - I love it.  Even if things are stressful at home and Ryan's going to be gone, etc.  

Anyway, Thursday the kids and I made a day trip to Clarion.  We haven't been in awhile, and Hope was going to be going back to college...and we didn't have anything to really do here, so we headed up there.  We had a really good day...  but every once in awhile Kayson would complain that his tummy hurt.  He seemed fine really... but just acted weird a little.  

We spent most of the time with my nieces and nephew - Trish and Jill had to work obviously, but it was fun to just spend time with the 'kids'.  Cora played awesome with dolls and polly-pockets at Jill's.  We just hung out... laughing and just having a nice time.  We had lunch - Dad came with us too...  then in the afternoon, we went to the park and played hard...  ran around the track too!  We were going to do the pool, but the weather was super cloudy and chilly, until about 4:00, then it got warm.  So instead we went and visited 10 5-week old puppies!  Oh man - were they the cutest damn things! 

We ended up staying through supper too...  so we got to see everyone then too.  But again, Kayson complained of his tummy hurting, and Cora didn't eat one bite.  I think I was done for the day... and the kids too!  We headed back to DSM around 7ish. Overall, good day.

Friday, Cora went to daycare... and K and I hung out.  He had an eye appointment that morning (and again, said his tummy was hurting).  We got through that...  then he seemed ok.  So Ryan took him out to the State Fair.  Probably not the best decision, but I know Ryan wanted to go... and they did last year too... and K acted like he wanted to go... so I get it.  Kayson didn't feel well out there either.  Just a huge bummer.  Feed bad.

Friday night Cora and I went to Presley's 6th birthday party - just at the house...  bounce house, pizza and cake.  Cora had a nice time. 

And Saturday we celebrated Cora's birthday (see other post!!!)  Again, Kayson really complained of his tummy... so Ryan took him to urgent care.  Virus.  God damn viruses.   He came home and seemed a little 'perkier', he rested a little...  and did eat a little bit, which was good.  Then he slept for nearly 2.5 hours...  and again, woke up and acted 'ok'.  Guess we just need to take it easy... and see what happens.  

More to come later... 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Kayson - a stay with Grandma & Papa #3

Each August before school starts, the summer program shuts down.  So Kayson gets to spend some special time with Ryan's parents...  and like last year, Tate was able to be with them for a couple days as well.

Ryan took K Sunday afternoon...  and the fun began.

Monday JeanAnn, Tate and Kayson went golfing.  Oh hilarious in my opinion.  I'm glad Grandma does this with them - I know Tate thinks it's the best thing ever, since he's such a sports nut!  Kayson said this was the best part of his days in Creston!

In addition to golfing - Kayson said they went to WalMart, they got new shoes at Magic's place, and played outside a ton.  I'd say a busy day for the boys!

Tuesday Papa was home for the morning... so the boys went fishing at Grandma's pond, which I love.  They played all day apparently... and when we talked to Kayson Tuesday night, he looked wiped out!  Tate did have to go home Tuesday night... so then Wednesday was just hanging out with Grandma which included a little school shopping and a movie here in DSM!  

What a lucky (and tired) little boy!  :)  
I'm glad to have him home...  I missed him, but super glad and thankful he gets to have this time with Ryan's parents.  It's so important to me (more than ever in our lives right now). 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Kayson & Cora - Professional Pics

I love having my kids' pictures taken.  Literally - to see the results, so clear, so perfect... I love it. 

We got cousin pics taken a couple weeks ago - we got those back, and they were great!!!  And then this afternoon we had the kids' pictures taken in Ames - basically for Cora turning 5.  And again - love LOVE them.  Goodness.

Landry, Cora holding Rhett, Kayson and Tate


Another great weekend is here and gone.  So fast. 
Friday was Kayson's last day of BTB summer program!  Those 11 weeks went SOOOO fast!!!  He had such a great summer (or at least I think he did!)  Lots of field trips, swimming, crafts and time with friends.  

Friday night we stayed in... I made supper/grilled out... then we headed over to the school park.  It was a beautiful night, and there was no reason to be inside.  The kids played really well.  

Saturday was a day of cleaning.  Ryan worked most of the morning, I cleaned bathrooms, dusted, did bedrooms, everything it seemed (but I ended up not getting to the basement).  Seriously impossible to do the whole house in one shot.  Along with that, laundry and trying to keep the kids away from each other, AND off their electronics.  Grr.  We had an interesting couple of hours!!!  

Saturday night Scott, Niky, Duke and Brittlyn came over for supper.  We just don't see them often enough, and it actually worked out to hang out!  We had an absolute great time...  grilled out, yummy food and drinks, great conversation and lots of laughs at the kids.  They left around 10:00!!!  So we were all tired, but super glad we got together. 

And today the kids slept in, which was much needed.  We did church, then the kids and I scooted home and got them 'more' cleaned up for pictures.  In addition to having the pics we got done in Sioux City, I wanted 5 year pics of Cora...  so we have plenty of pics of the kids now!  ha.  We drove up to Ames - pics went great - and headed back home.  Cora even took a little snooze, which I was shocked!

Then Ryan took Kayson to meet Grandma and Papa and Tate in Stewart so K can spend a couple days with them... since we don't have BTB this week. K was excited, it seemed... we said our goodbyes in the garage.  Cora came back in and had huge tears in her eyes, and cried and cried hard.  Poor thing.  It didn't last long, but she was sad.  Sweet.   I'm anxious to hear all his little adventures for a couple of days... but already anxious to have him home.  

Pics from the weekend. 

Heading to Creston!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Cora & Grandma JeanAnn 'Day'

Last week Ryan's mom asked to have a "Cora May day".  Sure sounds good.
That evening I talked to Cora about it... and her reaction was not what I had thought it would be.  It was a "No, I don't want to do that."  Um... ok??  I was confused...  but also knew she had 'had a day'.  So I dropped it...  and Ryan mentioned it a couple hours later.  We got the same reaction, but wasn't nearly as stern as earlier!

Ryan and I kind of giggled at it... and just agreed she was going, but we would talk about it again in a couple days.  

And we did.  This time the conversation was a little better... it wasn't a "No", it was a "I want you to be here too."  So there was the confusion... So we talked about it more - "Dad and Mom would be a work, Kayson would be at school... and this time would be super special for Cora.  Lunch wherever you want Cora - you can go shopping, Grandma would probably buy you whatever you want!!! and you don't have to take a rest!!"  Then her eyes perked up some.  ha.  

So today was the day. 
JeanAnn picked her up at her school around 11...  and they were off.  JeanAnn took Cora to get her toes done!!!  How freaking cute... and awesome, cuz this is something that I won't be doing (at least WITH her as I hate my feet being touched!!)  They had lunch - Cora's choice: Applebee's (no surprise to any of us!), and a Target trip (in which she got a few things!)  

What a nice little day for Cora and JeanAnn.  

Monday, August 7, 2017


I worked all day.  It's funny to say that... but lately, I (along with nearly everyone else in my department), have been scooting out early on Fridays.  But the ones that were there Friday, stayed til about 3:45.  It made me giggle.

Friday night, Nielsen's came over for pizza and play.  It was a beautiful night, so we pretty much just hung out outside, kids played, and we just sat around and talked all night.  It was a nice evening.   Kids got to bed late, but Saturday we had nothing, so I was ok with that.

Cora was up early, but Kayson slept til about 9:15!  Ryan went to work, so I literally laid around.  I wasn't feeling it, just wanted to be lazy.  But when Ryan got home, him and Kayson decided we should go miniature golfing, and it was really fun.  The kids did well (Cora lost interest at about hole 11), but overall, they both did good, and had fun, we think.  Ryan got a hole in one too.  ha.

We grabbed lunch out... then back home to hang out.  Ryan and Kayson did an errand, I did an errand, and Cora took a rest... and a long one.  She was tuckered out.

Saturday night we just stayed in and watched 'Boss Baby' with the kids...  was a nice quiet night.

Church; then Ryan, Kayson, JeanAnn and Mike went to an I Cubs game.  Cora and I got groceries (and she did half-way decent for me), then back home and she took a rest.  She's been interested in sleeping in her sleeping bag lately, so for rests - she's free to do that if she wants...  and Sunday she chose the sleeping bag in the living room!  I let her only because Dad and brother were gone.  So Murphy and I snuggled in and watched TV while Cora rested. 

Once the boys were home, I ran out to Lacey's for a baby shower for one of her stylists... was there for only 20 minutes.  ugh. 

The rest of the night was playing outside, then Cora and I getting into a battle about bath time.  :(  She's been a struggle for me lately.  Dad stepped in, and might have put the fear of God into her.  ha.

Here's some pics from the weekend.
Daddy's hole in one!
Living room rest!

Cora and Olivia have become good little friends. Playing with baby dolls.  So sweet.

Friday, August 4, 2017

This & That

It's been a long couple weeks.  Busy with kids, super busy with work, and having Ryan traveling has been hard.  I struggle to have him gone lately.

Cora's lip is healing nicely...  Monday was her appointment; Tuesday the swelling had gone down, but by Tuesday night she had a HUGE canker-sore.   It was so gross... and sore.  Finally this morning, it seems to be getting better - but still the canker-sore is there.  We've been trying to put some 'wash' on it, and it hurts her.  Poor thing.

Kayson has ONE more week of BTB Summer program.  ONE WEEK.  Seriously makes me sick knowing the summer is over for him, but as always he's had a good one.  It went SOOOO fast.  Soon we'll be back into a night routine - reading, homework and bed.  We won't be doing electronics as much as we do now...  we just can't.  That sucks the life out of the kids.  Literally.  They don't speak, or move.  Grr.

The other night we went for a walk...  it was a beautiful night, so I wanted to do something.  Our walk consisted of going maybe 3 blocks (that's pushing it)... we stopped a dozen time for Murphy, for Cora to change Baby Grace's clothes or diaper (seriously) - oh and she fed her once as well!  Then finally I just said - "Let's go home".  By that time (again, maybe 10 minutes) - Cora wanted Kayson to push the baby doll stroller.  Hysterical.  :)  I just shake my head and laugh.

We started off well.  :)
Our first break... waiting on Cora.
Feeding/changing/whatever with Baby Grace

Figured we'd do a family selfie.  ha.
On our way back...

with sass.