Sunday, June 17, 2018

Hardy Vacation 2018

The time has come and gone already...  we planned a little vacation for ALL of us Hardy's a year ago.  I knew it would come fast... and go by fast.  Totally true. 

Thursday late morning, we all got on the road.  Our drive to Lake Rathbun (Honey Creek Resort) was only about an hour and 45 minutes (but we drove in some hard down pours and stopped once, so it took us a couple hours-ish).  My sisters and dad's drive is about 3 hours-ish.  

We got there first, got settled into our cottage (which was perfect)... and then we just kind of relaxed a little.  Soon enough my sisters and Dad arrived...  they got settled into their cottages, and we were off.  We went to the indoor waterpark Thursday late afternoon... kids loved it and didn't want to leave!  We then went back to our cottage and grilled out - burgers, dogs, tons of sides and tons of laughs.  We just hung out Thursday night around the fire, played bags and Kayson, Ryan, Jeff and Lindsay went fishing for a little bit.  The rest of us hung out, then we also went for a super long walk...  it was a great little night.  

The kids LOVED their bunk beds in our cottage!

The kids both caught fish!!!
Friday we first went to the beach to hang out.  Super hot weather already at 10am!  The kids played in the water, the guys 'sun bathed'!, us big girls played some sand volleyball... super fun morning. 

We were hungry by noon... so we grabbed our lunch at one of the cottages, and cooled off.  Just kind of hung out for a bit.  Then we had rented a pontoon.  So a bunch went on that, then the rest of us went back to the waterpark, but we couldn't play there because someone had an 'accident'.  Gross.  So we went back to the beach for a bit.  Then my kids and Ryan wanted to do the pontoon... don't blame them.  However, I could tell my kids were already so exhausted, but it didn't matter!  :)  They went and had fun and fought through it!  Both kiddos did the tubing... and had a blast.  I stayed off the pontoon, cuz it's just not 'me' - I get nervous, and knew if my kids were there too, I'd be a wreck and I would make it not fun for them!  So I found some shade with Ashley, Sean, Jill and Dad and we visited for a while.  So nice.

Friday night we ate again at our cottage...  and by this night we were all pooped!  Wiped out.  We didn't eat as much, we didn't drink as much... and we were all back to our cottages at like 9pm!  Tired everyone!!   Which is fine.  It was a great full day of fun and memories. 

a picture I will treasure forever.

unfortunately, Kayson and Ryan had to wake early and head back to DSM for a baseball tournament.  This tournament wasn't scheduled earlier in the season, so I thought we were totally set, but Coach added it about 3 weeks ago.  I was so bummed.  Ryan and I both knew K needed to be there, because we had missed Friday's game AND we can't just be missing... we signed up for this, so we are trying to teach him that we follow through will commitments.  I was still bummed about it... 

Basically Saturday morning was packing up and we all met up for breakfast at the restaurant at the resort.  While we were eating, Dad got a call that his dog passed... and it all just put a huge halt and sadness on us all.  I lost my appetite and just felt awful.  Dad was devastated and heart broken.  But he also knew Cocoa was sick, but so sad that he wasn't there.  

After awhile we knew she was up with Mom in heaven, and that made us smile.  Mom LOVED that dog... 

Anyway... we got all packed up and were back on the road about 10:30 Saturday morning.  

We had such a great time... and so did Dad.  We made some good memories, and just really enjoyed each other. We had such a good dynamic with my family - great ages of kiddos, and enough to talk about and laugh about!  It just was great.  We are already talking about doing it again!!  (which makes me SO happy!!!)  we'll have to book it soon though!  :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A few Kayson days

This week we kept Kayson home from BTB.  We are going on a little 'vacation' away with my family tomorrow, so we didn't feel we needed to pay for only 3 days.  I worked from home a little... and Ryan took some time off too. 

So Monday, K and I didn't do much - only because I did need to work!  But we went for a quick lunch with my friend Katie, which was fun.  He got antsy at the end of lunch, and couldn't sit still (imagine that!), so he showed Katie the "floss".  She attempted it, and failed.  Too funny.

Tuesday I worked most of the day... and we had Duke come over and K and him played all day.  We did go for lunch together.  It was a good day. 

And today, I didn't work.  So we did this and that around the house this morning... then Ryan, me and K went for lunch, did a few errands, took some of K's money to the bank, and went putt-putt golfing... oh, and got ice cream.  Super great day with him... and I think we wiped him out.  

He's got a busy couple days ahead, plus throwing baseball in there (in forecasted super hot temps again).  

Sunday, June 10, 2018


Weekend weekend!  I worked from home last week - in between 'running' Cora to her dance camp, having a hair appointment for myself, and a golf outing for work.  It was nice to work from home... not drive downtown every day...  and I still got lots done! I have another week of working from home and time off!  CAN'T WAIT!!
Cora's last day of dance camp, and she did awesome.  I even spoke with Miss Charlee when I picked her up... she said she did really well for her age, was very interested and wanted to do her best with all the 'moves'.  Which I loved to hear.  I picked her up, then we were off to have a little pizza party celebration at her school.  They did this with Kayson too - parents, kids and pizza.  It was a hot day, but we stayed for bout an hour... then her and I went home and played.  Just her and I.  I sometimes wonder what version of Cora I'll get when we do random things like that... but she did good for me.  We played baby dolls, we cleaned out her closet, and just had a good afternoon.  

Friday night Ryan mowed, and we just stayed home and fiddle farted around.  Nice day.

No baseball!!
We hung out in the morning...  just another relaxing, quiet morning.  Ryan and Kayson met Jarren and Hudsen to practice ball a little - they said they had a great practice, so that's good.  Olivia came over and played with Cora for about an hour and a half.  Good morning. 
Then we finally hit up the LifeTime pool.  And it was perfect - not too busy, the weather was awesome too!  We all got a little pink!  ha.  But good couple hours. 

Following, Ryan and Kayson went to Duke's baseball game, and Cora and I just went home.  She was tuckered out from the sun/swimming... so we had some quiet time, then got groceries really quick. 

Saturday night we grilled out and just hung out outside quite a bit.  It turned into a really beautiful night.  

We had church - hadn't been there in a couple weeks, so it was nice to be there.  Plus we bagged up a bunch of shoes for the Shoe Drive.  The kids helped, which was super fun.  And we just had a nice time...  Quick lunch out, then the afternoon we did a lot of nothing!  I organized a few things, cleaned a little... but overall pretty quiet.  K and I also went and got him some new tennis shoes.  

Lots of pictures!!
last day of dance camp!  So cute!

Love this!

Those are all the MIS matched shoes!  :(

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Cora - Pre-School Graduation

Cora May graduated from Pre-School tonight!  FINALLY!  ha.  I say that because of a couple things -- 1) she's been talking about it forever it seems!; 2) she's ready!; 3) did I mention, she's ready again!? ha.  No seriously, we are thrilled and blessed to have been with Koalaty Time.  It's a great school, but we are ready to move on and stop paying them weekly!  :)

Just like Kayson - Cora has been with KT since she was 12 weeks old.  That place has really taken care of, loved, and taught our kids for 9 years!  Cora has had a great couple years...  minus her being a challenge from time to time, but overall - she loves it there, and I think she's a pretty good girl there.  (despite how she is at home for us sometimes!)

The graduation ceremony was at the Waukee High School, which was super fun... and close for us!  The kids did awesome!!  And there were a ton of them (I feel like the class was bigger than Kayson's!)  They sang 4 songs, and she knew all the words.  She smiled, did the actions, and stood like a champ through all the songs!  That's a lot!  

Super fun night.

That face.  ha.

BIG class!!

Thank you Miss Jan.