Sunday, December 10, 2017

Rotten Wednesday... and weekend

Prior to the weekend... and prior to the MN trip, last week was a doozy...  it was one of those weeks where things just didn't go right.  
Monday we started our day out with no hot water.  Cold showers in the morning are NOT fun.  Our water heater wasn't 'lit'... Ryan messed with it, got it working...  good to go, so we thought!  Skip to Wednesday night - we just thought we would check the water heater again... not 'lit'.  Damn.  The kids took a bath together in order to 'save water' (holy crap!)...  Ryan messed with it again, for awhile...  and it finally lit late that night.  With all of that back and forth - we just decided it needed to be replaced.  It's 8 years old - we've put money into it already (thinking 3 times already!)... and when it acts up, it's at the most inopportune times!!!  Thursday afternoon (while we were in MN) - we got a new water heater.  Merry Christmas to us.  :(

In addition to Wednesday's water issue...  
I got a phone call from daycare (I seem to be on speed dial lately) - Cora accidentally had a teacher step on her hair while Cora was resting (or attempting to rest)... and pulled a chunk of hair out.  OMG.  Seriously??  She was fine... 
Then we got home Wednesday night from work/school - completely expecting to have my crock pot meal ready to go, smelling amazing... nope.  It didn't cook!!!  Crock pot didn't work...  and we've checked it again, I can't get it to stay on.  Again - OMG.  What a freaking day. 

So... moving on to the weekend. 
Ryan and I got home Friday afternoon... Cora got her hairs trimmed up, and home we stayed Friday night.  

Kayson started his basketball season with a practice... 
Cora complained of her ear hurting.  Great.  But survived all day... and she seemed fine?!  
I was crabby.  Tired.  Emotional. which continued into Sunday.  

Kayson played at a friends house. 
Cora rested.
I did an errand, as well as grocery shopped.
More crabby Janelle - extremely emotional as well.  
I worry about Christmas - as expected, we don't have much for our kids (or at least Kayson), as he didn't have a big list - and other ideas went out to the rest of the family.  Just irritated.  Stressed.  Anxious.  I miss Mom.  You name it - I'm kind of a mess!!

Here are a few pics of the weekend...  it was nice just being home...  now onto a new week with Ryan traveling, and praying the kids are good and healthy this week!
Snowflake & Hawkeye have arrived!

Kids like to play football now...  they do pretty well too!

Gardiner Thomsen CHS Annual Hospitality Event (2017)

Just wanted to get this on the blog... 
I joined Ryan and the other partners at their annual hospitality event up in Minneapolis last Thursday evening.  We headed up with a few others Thursday morning...  got settled, changed... and into the 'meeting'.  The hospitality event was then followed by a very nice meal at an even nicer restaurant...  

Back Friday morning.  Short trip.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

"I miss Grandma"

"I miss Grandma" is a phrase we have been hearing for a couple months now... from miss Cora. About 2 months ago (at the year mark of Mom being gone and me potentially being a mess from time to time), Cora had a rough couple nights...  Crying at bedtime, and in the morning as well - explaining she missed Grandma. 

The first couple times she expressed her thoughts, I no doubt expressed mine - which was a little shock, tears and many MANY squeezes to her comforting her.  This continued for weeks...  every night she would tear up, and tell me she missed Grandma.  Soon enough, I figured it out - (and I hate to say or think of it this way), but worried she was 'making this up' to get a reaction out of me...  but then again, she would genuinely show concern and be upset. 

Anyway, we have talked about this so many times... and have started to just pray about it together.  (I don't know what else to do!)  I just explain to Cora that if we pray for Grandma then our hurt and tears will ease a little... but we will always miss her.  She'll always be a part of our lives. 

Moving on...  Cora still expresses her thoughts at bedtime, but it hasn't been as frequent lately.  But last night - she got upset again.  She said to me - "I miss Grandma... will you tell me a story about her?"  *insert sigh and heart breaking 

I went on to tell her that we should pray and that Grandma loved bedtime (and morning too).  She had such soft hands that would rub mine and my sisters backs to wake us up... with a sweet voice telling us it's time to get up.  Mom was so gentle... and sweet. 

I think that helped Cora... she liked that story, which warmed my heart.

Sunday, December 3, 2017


Seems forever ago... but also like it was 2 seconds ago.
Friday night we had a movie night... like at a theater!  ha.  We saw 'Coco' - what a great movie!  We even ran into Lex and Dax (ended up sitting with them), so that was fun.  A good evening. 

Up and at em...  I did a little cleaning in the morning, then I headed up to Ames to watch Hope play in a club VB tournament.  I love watching her... she's such a great little player, and I love that she is still doing what she loves in college (even if it's not actually on the college team).  It's just fun.  I spent about 3 hours in Ames, a good amount of time to see her play a couple matches.  

Ryan and the kids did some errands while I was gone...  snow boots bought, birthday gift bought for K's friend Hudsen and lunch out.  Sounds like a good time for Daddy.  :)

Kayson had Hudsen's birthday party Saturday afternoon...  dropped him off about 4:30, and he was with that awesome family all night (sleepover).  Ryan, Cora and I just hung out... had a really good night - Cora played awesome by herself for awhile...  it was just a nice quiet evening. 

We picked K up about 8:40 this morning, before church.  He had a great time with his friend (and 2 others too)... they golfed at a simulator here in town, had pizza and cake, and stayed up way too late playing video games and watching movies.  Typical little birthday party!  But man, that lack of sleep is hard on this boy!  He just can't handle it.  

We did church... then both kiddos took rests, which was awesome.  I spent an hour or so with my friend Christina working through some skin care issues I'm having.  I think we are all set, after spending a small fortune!  :)  Back home... and we just hung out the rest of the day.  Another nice day... and lots of laughs with the kids.  They were pretty good after their rests, and just was a nice day.

Thought it was funny to have her wear all white.  ha.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Shopkins Live!!

Grandma JeanAnn purchased tickets to Shopkins Live for her, Cora and myself a couple months ago.  I hadn't known that there was an actual 'show' for something like this... hilarious!  Basically it's grown women dressed as Shopkins - singing and dancing!  ha.  For little girls - it's spot-on and Cora loved it.

Thanks Grandma!! Good times.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Random K and Cora stuff

Kayson's growing up... but has lately started this attitude thing with me.  He isn't giving me the hugs that he used to...  he's talking back more than normal.  Hmmm... not liking it.  But then he can switch on a dime and give me all of the hugs and be the sweetest.  He got this note from school last week - which I loved seeing.  It's true - he does have a kind heart (when he shows it!!!) - and is funny.  He definitely makes us laugh daily.

Cora's still a challenge for me.  I find myself saving notes on her more (and now writing them on the blog so I officially don't forget).  She's sweet, but man she's manipulative, she's feisty, she's stubborn... and emotional!  ha.

About 2 weeks ago, she thought she would try to get away with something at school.  She bit herself.  Yep.  You read that right.  :)  Bit herself, then fake cried and tattled to the teachers telling them that her friend Grant bit her.  Of course he didn't... there was probably some back and forth - and in the end, there are cameras in the room.  So the teachers and owner were able to see what actually happened...  she was punished and spoken to. 

OMG is all I have to say.  I was livid, and SUPER EMBARRASSED.  I mean, really?!?!  Ryan was the same... frustrated.  She knew she had done wrong, and we hope that doesn't happen again.
The two of them together are trouble too...  or they can be the sweetest.  And I can't nail down how I can always have them be sweet to each other!  ha.  Some nights they play so well together - and for them being opposite sex AND almost 4 year difference - we are very lucky.  They like to wrestle, they like to play hide and seek, they play restaurant (mostly with the neighbor girl), but they still do well together...

But some nights I can't even get them to sit at the table together and color or do a puzzle - they constantly bicker at each other, or fight about who gets the colors first and so on.  They'll copy each other, which is super frustrating.  They'll tattle on each other...  all sibling crap! 
They both LOVE LOVE LOVE music.  I mean - the second we are in my car - we have those songs turned up loud and they are singing their little hearts out, which makes me so happy. 
Today as we walked into school... K and I were just singing away as we walked...  a mother was walking out towards us, heard us, giggled and then said - "I love that!"  I just think it's neat...  it shows that they are happy and I'm also trying to teach them the meaning of songs - especially the Christian ones we listen to...  just makes it more special. 

Our babies.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

1st Christmas 2017 (St. Joe, Mo)

Like each year... we've made a tradition to get down to St. Joe, Mo to spend some time with Aunt Maagie.  She's a whopping 92 years young, so it's obviously important to get down there to see her.  She's doing well... it's just unfortunate that we (our little families) are just so darn busy, that's it's almost hard to just sit and have a conversation with her.  I feel like we are always tending to something or someone!!  But I know she enjoys watching (and listening) to all the kiddos.  Guess that's all that matters... 

We headed down to St. Joe on Friday morning... got there around lunch time.  The kids were excited to see each other, it had been a very long time!  So we just dove right in...  got settled into the hotel, and let the kids play.  The weather was amazingly warm, so the big boys went outside and played, which was great.  

Soon enough, Aunt Maagie, Jimmy, Diana and Janet joined us... we just visited (as much as we could!), let the kids open their Christmas gifts from Aunt Maagie and Jimmy/Diana... always such nice things...  I think the kids were excited, Xmas came early!  ha.  We ordered pizza in... and just hung out.  The kids got a little owly... so we opted out of swimming (until Saturday morning)...  and they all survived.  ha. 

Bedtime was terrible...  or I should say, overnight stay was terrible.  Awful.  Oh mylanta.  Ryan snores.  Bad...  and typically the kids sleep through it, thankfully - however, not this time.  Kayson struggled BAD - him and I were up for about 3 hours or so... tossing and turning, Kayson got pretty upset at one point as well...  just mad he couldn't sleep, teared up a little and "Dad needs to stop!!"  Poor kid.  Cora was super restless...  but she slept ok.  Pretty frustrating... but the kids did sleep til about 8:15 - K slept hard from 4:50 til about then... so that was good.  (I was a walking zombie this morning!!!)

Anyway...  we grabbed a bite of breakfast, took the kids swimming, got cleaned up, checked out... and went to the Rally House (which seems to be a tradition too!), grabbed lunch, then we were on the road. 

I did snooze on the way home... SO TIRED. 
Anyway, it was a good trip...  good pictures below, and glad the kiddos got to spend time together.  We will see them again soon...  we are hosting Christmas this year.  :)

Several attempts at a pic!
Poor Rhett.  makes me giggle!
and there's the best one!!!
lil misses.  Full of sass!
my birthday present to Aunt Tina.  So perfect. :)

Smiles from the boys.