Thursday, October 19, 2017

Cora - Challenges & Accident Prone

Our beautiful 5 year old is 5... and she's a little stinker.  Some may think she's a brat at times.  :)  I hope not, but at some points in our evenings or outings, if I were watching her from afar (and not her parent), I would think she's a brat. 

Cora's struggling with the activities she does - tumbling and gymnastics.  Now I don't know if this is me, or if it's the activity, or what.  Monday at tumbling she didn't participate and was literally being held by one of the teachers!  OMG.  The teacher is about 12 years old - and could barely hold a 45 pound Cora.  WHICH SHE SHOULDN'T BE ANYWAY.  I was livid.   They baby her and that makes me mad.  Cora was not participating because her elbows hurt.  Yes - and this comes from her just seemingly getting hurt a lot lately.  Sunday night when the kids were at the trampoline park - she got some major trampoline burns on her elbows.  Yes, I'm 100% certain they hurt, cuz they are big and sore... but I still don't think she should be babied!

The week before at gymnastics she thought it would be cool to crawl around while she was waiting in line for her turn.  And she would walk around with her hands in her mouth (gross and so annoying)... acting like she's not interested.  OMG!!  To watch her act like that and not be able to open the door and take her out of that, makes my skin crawl.  Even one of the other mom's said to me "Is your daughter not feeling well, she's not really participating?"  Ugh, how embarrassing - no, actually she's just being a brat and a baby!

Yesterday as we were leaving daycare, she thought she would be funny and not come with me when it was time to leave... so I started to walk away (like I always do), and she then freaked out and started sprinting down the hall... then tripped... and fell flat on her face with her head hitting the wall.  Bawling as we walk out!  Again, embarrassing.

And I just got a phone call today from daycare saying she was helping stack chairs after lunch, and she turned around and accidently got hit by a chair in the eye/eyebrow area.  Ok - so that's not embarrassing... but she's just not having any luck lately!! 

Oh Cora May.  I know she's only 5, I'm fully aware...  but I'm kind of ready for her to grow up a little/mature a little in some aspects.  Patience Mom!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Harlem Wizards - Date with Kayson!

Tonight the Harlem Wizards basketball team was playing in Waukee - the schools were hosting the team for a huge fundraising event, and some fun entertainment.  Orginally, we all were going to go... but the tix were pretty pricey and I just knew that wouldn't be really Cora's thing.  SO... I got to go with Kayson; and Daddy got to spend quality time with Cora.  :)   (and she was perfect for him, of course!)

Super fun for Kayson tonight... we got our seats, saw a few of K's friends... and the fun began.  Lots of entertainment - both basketball wise, and dancing, and funny skits by the players.  Some of the Waukee staff (teachers and principals) were playing against the Wizards, which was fun to see.  

It was a great little couple hours with Kayson... I know I enjoyed myself!  (He did too!)

with K's principal, Mrs. Tierney

Monday, October 16, 2017


We had a super busy weekend...  like I'm overly exhausted, and now have some sort of head cold/allergy thing going on because we were outside in the rain a lot.  :(

We headed up to Clarion to finally see cousin Ryan play football.  I'm glad we went, it ended up being a super nice evening (just a little chilly - not too windy), and it was a win.  We decided we were the good luck because they hadn't won a game yet!  Kayson loved it... had a great time watching Ryan.  Cora and I didn't last the whole game, which was ok...  we just headed back to Aunt Tricia's and got ready for bed, and she stayed up way too late. 

A rainy, cold, windy day...  boo. 
It was a very short visit back home, which makes me sad...  I need about a week up there with my sisters and Dad.  We hung out a little in the morning, then back in the truck to head home.  A very wet ride home. 

We got home, dropped Murphy off, then headed out to our church for a craft sale.  This was a big deal for our church, so we needed to make an appearance, and shop... and we did both.  ha.  We found a few cute things for Cora, and for Landry, so that was good. 

Back home, finally - I started laundry and just had some quiet time at home for a bit.  Cora rested for about 2 hours; which was great.  Kayson watched a movie in the basement; again, which was great.   Just a nice afternoon.

Then Saturday night around 6, we headed out to Adel for the annual Mike & Lindsay Taylor bonfire.  A super rainy, wet night, but they luckily have a huge machine shed that is warm and plenty of room for the oodles of people!!  We were able to see some friends we haven't seen in ages, so that was nice... nice to talk with them a little; and of course, throw in fights from my daughter...  it was a decent evening.  ha.  However, with the rain and hay and just being outside a lot - I was a hot mess with my allergies/head stuff...  and I'm still feeling it today.  It exhausts me.

Church... and the rest of the afternoon was laundry and quiet.  Kayson had quiet time, and Cora played with Olivia.  Then the two of them were invited to a birthday party at GetAir...  super fun for them, and a great 2 hours without kiddos.  ha.   Ryan and I did an errand and got groceries, so that was great.

Go Cowboys!

Girl selfie - Lindsay, Eden, me and sis

Piper & Cora

me and Lacey
Cora & Laityn

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Weekend - and October

I took Friday off from work... no real reason besides using up my PTO.  I still have about 3 weeks left to use... probably not going to happen, but I'm going to attempt!  I literally hung out at home all day - cleaned a little, did laundry and watched TV.  It was a very nice day.

Friday night we just stayed home...  the kids and Ryan made a cake, which was fun...  and they did a movie night.  That's about it!

a gloomy day... rained nearly all day...  Ryan went to work, kids and I just hung out.  Tried to keep busy since we couldn't be outside.  We did lunch, and then went to Kayson's football game, in the rain and wind!!!  Cora was a trooper for about 35 of the 50 minutes!  Then her and I sat in the warm, dry car!  

Ryan then needed to do more work - at the church (he's a busy, important guy lately!!)  Kids and I hung out - had Olivia over to play for a little bit.  Then we met up with Mike, Holly and their boys for pizza.  They are newer to the area (met through church) and we've really hit it off...  it was a good couple hours. 

Church...  and then the day turned super warm and beautiful.  We had a good day of not doing much, but the kids played fairly well, Ryan mowed our awesome green grass now!  Just a nice day...  

and my thoughts about October.
I kind of hate the month of October...  and the 23rd of every month...  things are hard still with missing Mom and just wishing she was here and not sick with that terrible disease.  October was the month we fought with her and put her in the care center.   October was the month she died.  I just hate it.  I try so darn hard every day...  I try to put a smile on my face when I 'need' to, but the last couple weeks, it's been harder than normal.  I'm sad.  I'm sad that a year has nearly passed...  a year.  What in the world have we done in a year?  sooo much.  So much has happened, we've done so many things, our kids have changed so much.  Everything is different.  We've experienced new and different things.  Life happens.  so fast.  And as much as I love it - and as much as I'm thankful for so much... I still hurt.  I ache.  My heart hurts...  I miss my Mom. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

What is this world coming to?!

Overnight, there was a (ANOTHER) mass shooting in Las Vegas.  Over the years, mass shootings or bombing have just become a 'thing' that happens anymore.  I'm so tired of it.  So tired of waking up to bad news in the world - innocent people being killed.  Just stop!  Just stop hurting one another.  It's just awful. 

Not only do we have to worry about how this affects us as adults - but how does this affect our children??  I almost hate to have the news on anymore because my kids (especially Kayson), will see all this bad stuff and asks questions.  He has every right to ask questions; and God can only hope that Ryan and I can answer the questions and guide him (and Cora) to not ever do or be a part of terrible acts like this. 

Sad or bad news just comes too often anymore.  I like to think that our little family is happy; and we are...  but not everyone is.  You don't know what's going on in everyone's homes... and I feel for those people/those families.  I guess right now - I just want people to be nice.  Stop hurting people - it doesn't have to be with guns - with words and especially actions.  Just be nice.  Be respectful.  (as I tell my kids almost daily --- be respectful!!!) 

I understand we can't shield our kids from everything... I get it.  But this is just outrageous... and almost unbelievable, like a terrible nightmare.   But the nightmare continues.  I'm sad.  I'm scared.  I'm overwhelmed.

...end of rant.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Weekend - Kayson=Popular

Kayson's 4th annual Miles for Maple Grove fun run was Friday afternoon.  This year I made it on time - to watch from start to finish; and Ryan did too.  K did awesome - first place again in his class.  Man I love that... and need to get him in track!  :)  Super fun to watch the whole thing!!
We snuck out of school early... headed home and relaxed; then got sister. 
Kayson was asked to go to the Waukee Homecoming football game with his friend Carter... and his family.  We dropped K off around 5:30...  they were off to have pizza, attend the game... and do a sleepover.  We decided 'no' last weekend to a sleepover, but for some reason - we were ok with this one.  ha.  Carter's dad said they did great.  

Cora, Ryan and I did an errand, then we grabbed supper out at Applebee's (Cora's choice).  :)  we had a good night with her...  just hung out and took it easy. 

Saturday was our super busy day...  Ryan went to work for awhile; Cora and I hung out in the morning and played... then picked K up around 9:30.  He was tired, but seemed really good.  We kind of took it easy for awhile, then we were off... 
Kayson had football; and Daddy lost track of time!!! - So I ran K to fb, then ran Cora to a little birthday party for her twin friends. NON STOP!  Ryan and I watched K play ball... did well and was a win.  I did an errand after fb, then got Cora picked up around 2:00.  She was wound tight and tired!  ha. 

The afternoon was fairly quiet...  Cora rested for just a short time (I think she was just so wound up).  Kayson, too, kind of took it easy.  Then K was off again for a birthday party!  POPULAR kid.  

The three of us just stayed in Saturday night...  watched the Iowa game (loss), snuggled in and just loved on each other.  We needed it.  I picked K up around 8:00 from the party... and I could just see it in his eyes - pure exhaustion.  

Church... and a quiet afternoon at home.  It was a gloomy, rainy afternoon - then it got sunny and beautiful.  We had our family pictures taken real quick at 4:00 (super easy, super fun, super fast)...  and the rest of our night is just relaxing...  

It was a nice weekend...  hate to see it end.

Sunday, September 24, 2017


Kayson had a little birthday party to attend Friday night... his friend, Colton.  They had pizza and went to a movie.  It was a sleep over, but we opted out of that option...  I guess we just felt it wasn't necessary to stay over/be up late/and get all messed up.  Kayson had a great time, and was home around 9:15.  Perfect.
While, K was gone - Cora, Ryan and I went for supper...  We had a good supper, sat outside on the patio and listened to some live music.  Cora did well and we had a nice time with just her. 

K had flag football, and played one of his good friends... so that was fun.  K did well - caught the ball a couple times, got a touchdown (2 point conversion???), just did well.  The team lost, but that's ok.  Grandma JeanAnn came to spend the day with us... so we grabbed lunch out (with an owly Cora, again - I think we just need to keep her home as a hermit!)  
The afternoon consisted of Cora rested...  Ryan resting...  and the rest of us just hanging out.  

Ryan and I had a wedding to go to, so we got ready for that... JeanAnn stayed with the kiddos.  The wedding was super nice... short and sweet!  They had a very nice reception following, in which Ryan and several others watched the Iowa game on their phones...  somewhat funny, somewhat annoying as well.  ha.  But we all got into it (even me!), but in the end, Hawks lost at the last second.   HUGE bummer and totally put a damper on the evening.  We went home.  ha. 

I slept like maybe 4 hours... struggled so bad to sleep, tossed and turned, played musical beds...  coughed some (getting a little cold - or just drainage down my throat, yuk). Terrible night.  We all just hung out this morning - we didn't have church, but Ryan attended some sort of mission work this morning - helping out at a consignment shop place.  The kids and I did an errand - prepping for fall.  We got some pumpkins and a few mums, which was fun.  

Kayson needed jeans, so we went to the mall and found some, after what seemed like forever!  But we got a couple pairs.  Back home to just relax...  Quiet afternoon and evening.  I know I'm wiped out, and hope I can sleep through the night!!!  ha. 

Buddy Carter White